PC Minutes 11-14-2016

Queen of the Holy Rosary Church - Wea
Parish Council Meeting
Monday, November 14, 2016

Father Gary Pennings
Wayne Roy
Troy Schumaker
Dave Borgerding
Katrina DeGraeve
Bill Gaughan
Ken Berra
Mark Schuetz
Carol Quackenbush
Ray Seefeldt
Rob Hedrick
Nick Antista
Doris Kerr

Father Gary Pennings opened the meeting with a prayer. The minutes from the Oct 10th meeting were approved and posted to the church website on Oct. 25th.

Bill Gaughan – Adult Education

  • 1Adult Ed is doing well, enrollment is up.
  • 2Formed.org; a parishioner has offered to pay for another 1 year subscription. Bill would like to do a bulletin handout on the website and is willing to teach short sessions to the different groups on how to utilize the website.

Doris Kerr – Altar Society

  • 1Bazaar went pretty good; will need more help with cleanup next year
  • 2The Altar Society bought a chair and delivered it for a parishioner in need.
  • 3Going to donate gift cards to families in need for Christmas; will contact the school to see if there are any families in our parish
  • 4Christmas luncheon open to all women of the parish is on Dec 4th

Wayne Roy - Building and Grounds Committee

  • 1Create a welcome sign to put in frame in between events. Dave suggests putting church/school/formed.org website along the bottom of banner.
  • 2Rectory renovations have been completed
  • 3Blacktop behind the school has been replaced and painted with games for children.

Ray Seefeldt - Business Manager

  • 1Financial support statements went out to parishioners about 2 weeks ago and we only received about a dozen calls with no big changes needing to be made.

Finance Council
No Report

Troy Schumaker – Knights of Columbus

  • 1Taking meat orders for Thanksgiving; proceeds to benefit Seminarians
  • 2Helping @ Living Nativity/Light up for Christ
  • 3Keep Christ in Christmas Poster contest for all children of the parish
  • 4Advent wreath/candle sales coming up after Masses.
  • 5Donating turkeys to the Agape Center for Thanksgiving

Carol Quackenbush – Liturgy Committee

  • 1Met in October to discuss Mass ministry changes that will go into effect starting the first Sunday of Advent
  • 2Letters sent out to everyone involved in ministries regarding the changes.
  • 3Arts & Environment will be changing the Christmas decorations for the church this year.

Ken Barra Men's Club

  • 1Wants to meet with Altar Society about how to improve the Bazaar for next year and possibly get the Knights involved in the cooking.
  • 2Ken Berra is the new president
  • 3Trying to get younger men to join the group
  • 4Christmas party is Dec 3rd

Katrina DeGraeve – Parish Secretary

  • 1Need to update calendar on website

Public Relations/Technology - Rob Hedrick

  • 1Renewed web domains for church/school

Religious Education - Mark Schuetz

  • 1Tuesday, November 22 graders make their First Reconciliation at 7 PM.
  • 2Father Gary is going to meet all the School of Religion children on Sunday, November 20 and visit with them about his trip to the Holy Land.
  • 3The SOR will begin preparing for the School of Religion Christmas program in December.

Nick Antista – Holy Rosary School

  • 1Preschool Community Event- Fall Fun Day- We had about 40 people attend this event that included a story-time hayride and various interactive fall activities.
  • 2Fund-A-Need- Our new blacktop and playground area was officially reopened and blessed by Father Gary on November 9th. Our technology is due to arrive this week. Purchased technology includes computers, tablets, video projectors, and storage carts.
  • 3Our 8th Grade Students attended the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Forum. The new format structure kept the students thoroughly engaged throughout the entire session.
  • 4Veterans Day- Gratitude notes were distributed to our parish and greater community. Each card included a personalized note written by a student, with either a Rosary or St. Michael the Archangel prayer card/medal included. Prayer services were held in the classrooms and we will pray for our veterans throughout the year during our morning prayers/announcements.
  • 5Living Nativity- We are excited about the Living Nativity on December 1st. We are thankful to the Knights and others for helping this event to quickly become a yearly tradition. Please be sure to invite a friend, family member, or neighbor who is interested in learning more about our school!
  • 6Giving the Basics- We are currently conducting a week long supply drive for this important organization.

Greg Jecker – Stewardship/Welcoming Committee

  • 1Committee planning to meet this month with Fr. Pennings to discuss Advent prayers and future direction.
  • 2Stewardship Committee held QHR Parish Stewardship Ministry Fair August 6th and 7th.
  • 3Chairperson designations should be sent to Rob Hedrick for the new committee assigned for this Stewardship Fair 2016: Young Adult – Young Married, Ministry of Care, Christian Family Movement, Wea Moms in Prayer
  • 4Four new parishioner registrations were assigned to Welcomers in October. Total thus far for 2016 is 26; Total for 2015 (June – Dec) was 23.

Anthony and Sarah Smith - Youth Ministry

  • 1We wanted to thank Dave and all those who helped move the TV and all other items from the old youth room to the new one.
  • 2We are moving our Middle school youth from Thursday to Wed because that was the only time we could reserve the gym. • High school youth is going to Top Golf this weekend for a fun outing.
  • 3We are still working on Names for and decorating of the new youth room.

Other Business

  • 1Father wants to have an appreciation dinner for those who helped with the rectory remodel.
  • 2Father would like to have a wine/cheese meeting with the 12 people that signed up for ministry of care. He would also like for us to send baskets/cards to the homebound or parishioners that happen to be in nursing homes.
  • 3RCIA is led by Deacon Tom and his wife; we need to build a better team for next year to help.
  • 4Bulletin: Father wants to explore other options for printing the bulletin.
  • 5Parish Census; Father would like to run one at some point.
  • 6Financial Analysis; Finance council will meet and decide what to do with the rental property. Should it be rented or turned into an expansion of our daycare.

Father Gary Pennings closed the meeting with a prayer.


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