PC Minutes 01-09-2017

Queen of the Holy Rosary Church - Wea
Parish Council Meeting
Monday, January 09, 2017

Members present: Father Gary Pennings, Dave Borgerding, Katrina DeGraeve, Doris Kerr, Wayne Roy, Ray Seefeldt, Troy Schumaker, Carol Quackenbush, Mark Schuetz, and Greg Jecker.

Adult Education:
After hiatus' for the holidays, both Adult Ed and Bible Study start up again this week. I am going to announce at Bible Study that I need help in getting things set up each Wednesday night. I am a single point of failure and I need to find a way to both have the right equipment, and the right material available for those nights when I can't make it. Who knows if I'll be able well enough to be there this Wednesday for example. But we have until this coming Fall to solve that problem.

Father also mentioned in a meeting I had that he wants to resurrect Adult Education as a committee something I strongly endorse. He may have more comments on that.

Altar Society:
Christine Downey trained them on how to clean the Altar clothes, so they are now helping her with that. Jan. 19th they are having a get together in the Parish Hall to make prayer blankets. On Feb. 18th they will have a Spiritual retreat in the parish hall. Giving Tree helped 5 families

Buildings and Grounds:
Committee members are Wayne Roy, Carmen DeGraeve, Joe Cusic, Terry Jolin, Diana Hyslop, and Mike Guetterman. The committee along with Fr. Gary are working with Mark II Electric to see about lighting the Church Steeple. No final scope or construction dates has been established to date. We will continue to keep Pastoral Council current on this item. Committee is also working toward goal of improving other parish lighting around buildings and parking areas. We are also in contact with a parishioner who has indicated some assistance in electrical areas. Committee is working with Father Gary on a parish sign which can be placed along Metcalf when other activity signs are not in use. We will have more info on this in the near future. A Terry Jolin project for the science classroom is underway and should be completed in near future. We are working with some parishioners on the possibility of getting some work done in the Angel House. Most of needed work is on lower level. Playground refurbishing is complete and plans are being developed for an entrance gate. We also plan to conduct a survey of all parking areas in the complex and develop a maintenance report for future use. Thanks to committee and a tremendous number of other parishioners for all the work, effort and tremendous results produced on the rectory renovation. Not enough can be said on the efforts of all those concerned in this project.

Business Manager:
VOIP – Phones We will be entering into an agreement with a provider of Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) to replace the majority of land-line phones in the parish campus. Overall, the switch will not impact external; internally, we should see improvements in service and communications. Also, our current phone system is severely dated and replacement phones prohibitive to obtain. Most existing phone numbers and extensions will remain the same. The costs are substantially the same as our existing cost. Our Internet upgrade, done in 2016, provides more than enough bandwidth. We will be able to increase or decrease the number of phones needed. We do not manage/administer the infrastructure. Personal: I’ve resigned as Business Manager. My last day is Tuesday, January 17. My wife and I will still be parishioners. I’ll remain available for any questions, etc.

Finance Council:
Need a representative of some sort for the Parish Council. End of year giving wasn’t as well as what was expected, per Father Gary. Wants to work with Nick to put more responsibility on the school parents that aren’t helping to support the Parish. Angel House Too, small house, will open and be for infants only

Knights of Columbus:
Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Smokin’ fundraisers were successful allowing our council to send over $3000 to the two seminarians, Nicholas Ashmore and Arturo Hernandez, who we sponsor. We would like to thank all parishioners for their support. The Knights handed out around 600 books, “Resisting Happiness,” at Christmas. Copies are still available in the church vestibule. Our first annual Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest winners will be announced in the next week. The Knights would like to thank Sarah Smith and Mark Schuetz for their support of this contest. Our annual essay contest winners will be announced in the next week. The Knights would like to thank Nancy Hildreth for her assistance and support of this contest. We have a Chili Feed scheduled for 5pm on Saturday, January 28 in Albertson Hall.

Liturgy Committee:
Sign-up genius worked well for Christmas Masses. People, especially servers, stepped up and filled in where needed. Arts & Environment did a good job putting together Fr. Gary's vision of church decorations. Server training for 4th grade students will be coming up soon. No date yet.

Men’s Club :
Steak dinner served 70 men. Starting prep for fish fry’s that start 3/3/17. Next meeting is 1/31/17.

Parish Council Secretary:
All groups need to let the Parish Office aware any events taking place in the Hal or Gym so it is not double booked by accident. Key cards need to be turned back in after an event.

Public Relations Committee/Technology:

Religious Education Director:
Catechist Needed Due to a job change the School of Religion is in of a Fifth grade catechist to complete the school year. If you are interested please contact Mark Schuetz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Grade Confirmation: There will be a Seventh grade Confirmation Sponsor/Candidate meeting on Sunday, January 22 from 9:40-10:45 in the gymnasium. All seventh graders and their sponsors need to attend. If their sponsor is not available a parent will need to come in their place. Joe Passintino will be the presenter. Catholic performing artist Mikey Needleman will give a concert for the entire SOR Program on Sunday, January 29.

School Principal:
Catholic Schools Week is being celebrated from January 29th - February 4th. The theme this year is "Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service". Some of the events we have planned are an all school living rosary, volunteering at Harvesters, volunteering and Giving the Basics, creating donations for Socks of Love, all school bingo, and a Grandparents Day Assembly.
Enrollment begins the first week of February. We have been tracking numerous families who have contacted us, toured, or come to any of our school events. We will be contacting/monitoring these families closely as enrollment begins. We created a new Facebook page for the school and have already reached over 300 unique users. We will begin using the marketing tools Facebook has available in the coming weeks.
Our next preschool event is planned for December 28th. The theme is Winter Wonderland.

Stewardship Committee:
Evangelization: more about services we provide. Working w/Liturgy Committee on greeter trainings. Father Gary suggests steward of the month for the Bulletin. Dave Borgerding suggest Steward Corner; what did a volunteer due and how much money etc. did it save the parish. Wanting to try a different approach for the Stewardship fair; maybe have different committees sponsor a breakfast monthly & groups can have tables set up to help recruit people for the committees. Next meeting 1/26/17 with Father Gary.

Youth Minister:
High school #’s are low. Looking at ways to improve them

Other Business:
Young Adult Group looking at doing a multipart series called The Wild Goose. Possibly meet weekly or monthly. Would like to have a “business” card with church info on it to give out at meetings, after mass, etc.

Father Gary handed out the Charter for the Parish Pastoral Council. Asked committee members to take it home, review it, and come to next month’s meeting ready to discuss it. Any suggestions can be sent to Dave Borgerding.


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