PC Minutes 11-13-2017

Queen of the Holy Rosary Church - Wea
Parish Council Meeting
Monday, November 13, 2017

Father Gary, Leigh Vosseler, Gina Hillman, Nick Antista, Dave Borgerding, Dennis Reilly, Stephanie Sutherland, Greg Jecker, Doris Kerr, Pam Stainbrook, Carol Quackenbush, Randy Newcomer, John Williams, Becky Cullinan.


Father Gary opened the meeting with a prayer.


Adult Education: Bill Gaughan

       Praise and Graze has turned out to be even more successful than we had had hoped for. We still struggle a little with those who want to attend two or more events at once. We also need to find a method to clearly advertise special events, such as this week’s speaker. If we are going to have a speaker we need to make sure we give them the courtesy of letting parishioners know that they are coming. We will address this at our next P&G meeting Thursday morning the 16th.

       Bible Study is coming along very well. It is now at its halfway point and will be sponsoring this week’s Praise and Graze.

       Adult Education is very well received, but attendance is not quite what it used to be. The efforts to use content mostly from FORMED.ORG, that the parishioners can refer to anytime they want on their own seems to be better received that the presentations that were on a DVD, and not reviewable.

       Speaker for a parish mission is still a work in progress. Any comments, suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Altar Society:  Gina Hillman/

       Father blessed new pacificator’s

       Bazaar went well. Donated funds to meal in a backpack

       Strawberry Hill tour went well

       Mailed out Christmas letter, cleaned church today

       Abby Hedrick and Kathy Rothermich will be in charge of Giving Tree this year again.


Buildings and Grounds: Wayne Roy

       Blacktop project, i.e., all road and parking services; striping, etc. now complete except for one area on north roadway which needs small section raised.  This will be done when weather permits.

       Carmen’s office relocated to gym. The rooms in Junior High area are being reorganized.

       Bells are ringing-lights on steeple are about as finished at this time as possible. If we can make any further adjustments, they will be listed in future minutes.

       Catholic Mutual Insurance Group has given an excellent report on conditions at the parish. Only one item remains to be modified.

       Project to increase size of dumpster area and space is underway.

       Repairs were made on the drainage system on ramp at south side of church. This should make the ramp much easier to use in inclement weather.

We will continue to keep you updated on projects.

Deacon Tom Rothermich:  Was not present at the meeting.

Finance Council:   Dennis Reilly

       Met in October, reviewed and approved minutes

       Looked at church and school finances for the month; Auction proceeds

       Looked at financing for parking lot

       Will send out parishioner statements at the end of the year.

Knights of Columbus:  Randy Newcomer

The date of Feb 25, 2018 has been confirmed for our council to host Formation and Knighthood Degree ceremonies in the parish hall starting at 1 pm.  The event will be open to Knights from all councils around the state of Kansas. 

Copies of Mathew Kelly’s book, “Perfectly Yourself”, are being ordered by our council for distribution after all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses.  A Benefit Breakfast is being planned to raise money to support the book distribution and other projects.

Our council is again sponsoring a Religious Freedom Essay Contest in our Holy Rosary School this year.  A total of 17 essays have been submitted by students and council volunteers are in the process of reading and judging the essays.  Our council is also sponsoring a Christmas Poster Contest again this year for school students as part of the Keep Christ in Christmas Program. 

Knights of Columbus volunteers will be selling Advent wreaths and candles after all Masses on Dec 2-3.

Liturgy Committee:   Carol Quackenbush

       Liturgical Ministers served at 2 masses for All Saints Day, Nov. 1 and 2 funerals, both last week.

       All Soul’s Day, Nov. 2, candlelight service led by Deacon Tom was very moving despite a very light turnout.

       Liturgical Ministry training dates have been scheduled:

      Nov. 18 and 30 for Communion Ministers

     Dec. 7 and Saturday January 13th for Lectors

At this time Father Gary will commission ministers for a three year period.  This will include current ministers as well as anyone who is interested in becoming a minister.

       The 2018 lector workbooks have arrived and will be distributed this weekend.

       November & December ministry schedules were sent out October 24.

       Next meeting is November 28 to prepare for Advent/Christmas

Men’s Club:  Ken Berra

Not present at meeting


Parish Council Secretary: Katrina DeGraeve

       Please lock building after use.

       Check with office for space availability for events.


Public Relations Committee/Technology:   Rob Hedrick was not present.


Religious Education Director:  John Williams


       A survey has been sent out to determine whether or not SOR should continue the Christmas program. At this point just over 50% of those emailed have responded. The SOR students would have the option to be a part of the Living Nativity, thanks to Nick Antista.   



       For vocations week, we had 2 guest speakers discuss life as young adults.  On November 19th, we are having "Friendsgiving". December 10th we are hoping to discuss discipleship as the students are already inviting others into youth group. 

       Middle school youth ministry, we are working through the Creed line by line


School-Nick Antista

       Celebrated Muffins with Moms (Preschool)

       Discovery Time Monday is still attracting about 20 children per session

       KSDE Interim testing has been completed

       Classroom teachers attended a full day session with Sister Patricia McCormack at the Chancery. We spent the day learning about how to accentuate gospel values, build bridges to evangelization, and create a culture of community within our school.

       Our new lunch program has been a great success.  At this time last year we served approximately 35 lunches on average.  This year we are averaging about 80 lunches per day.

       We celebrated Veteran's Day by hosting America's White Table and creating cards that were mailed to veterans across the country and also given to members of our parish.  Each card also included a rosary or Saint Michael the Archangel medal.

       Hosted a morning Love and Logic parenting session.  Planning to offer parenting sessions every other week and opening this opportunity to the entire parish community.  Dates to be announced soon.

       We look forward to the Living Nativity (Dec 6th), our Gingerbread House Family Collaboratory Night (Dec 4th), and our Christmas program (Dec 12th)

       Irish Dance Teacher was featured in the Leaven

Stewardship Committee:  Greg Jecker

Stewardship Committee

       No update since last month.

       Last Stewardship Committee meeting held Thursday August 17th 6:30 School Conference Room.

       Outlined educational opportunities for adults, teens, and children in the parish.

       Planning stewardship formation for parish leaders, including staff, ministry leaders and parish group leaders.

       Enhance stewardship mission statement.

       Would like all parish committees to have a mission statement supporting our parish mission statement.

Welcoming Committee

       There have been 27 new families welcomed this year since 1/1/17.  3 additional new families have registered but have not been assigned to members of the committee

       Committee last met with Fr. Gary 9/14/17.

       Fr. Gary preparing letter to be sent at the time of parish registration defining responsibilities of a parish Catholic.

Once registration is received then Fr. Gary’s new parishioner Welcome Letter is sent.

       Committee revising items that are part of the welcome packet.  Verified new parishioners count with Katrina using Power Church.  This was completed before the Welcome Reception.

       New Parishioner Welcome Reception was held at Rectory – October 22 after 5:00pm Mass.  Eight of twenty-five new families attended. 

Old Business

1.  Communications Committee

       The committee currently consists of Leigh Vosseler, Becky Cullinan, Dana Foltz, John Munz, Diana Roth, and Deacon Tom Rothermich.

       Asked them to look at website, see what they do/ don't like

       Will meet on Thursday Nov 17th

       Spoke with Mark Andrasik, he has agreed to help with website/IT

       Look at ways to communicate with parishioners, and who should send out those forms of communications

2.  Pastoral Visit by Archbishop Naumann Dec 16th        

    The Archbishop will preside over the Saturday afternoon Mass.

    He will then have dinner with the Pastoral Council and youth from the parish.

He'll want to know what we are doing to further pastoral priorities.

What is our mission?


       Hearts; How are we getting people to go improve their Sacramental lives.


       Reaching out to people outside of the church

       RCIA, people who live in our boundaries that are "unchurched"      

       Fish Fries bring neighbors in, School does programs open to the entire community

       Part of our 10 year

All Forms of Catholic Education

       The School, SOR, Youth Group, Adult Ed, Bible Study, Etc.

Outreach to those in need

       Care ministry, food and visits to ill, visit the homebound and lonely


       Get away from “I pay this amount to the church, what do I get back?”

       Everything Greg and stewardship committee works on


What are the benchmarks?

       Build a Culture of evangelization across the Archdiocese

       Equip individuals to be agents of evangelization

       Offer classes to parishioners, Archdiocese create tools for us to use

       Strengthen the vocation of Marriage and Family life

       New CFM group being formed; 2 new parishioners on the committee as well

       Cultivate Relationships by engaging in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

       Sacramental prep

       Handicap bathrooms are our parish’s problem, not very accessible

       Look at handout, think about things we should be doing

       DB asked everyone to put down on paper what they are doing in the list above.

       We can make a list to share with the Archbishop when he comes, or have a few individuals share what they do to fulfill the Mutually Shared Vision

       We haven't really discussed them or the concept of “twinning” with another area parish that has different strengths and weaknesses than we have.


3.  Convocation

       FG asked NA, JW, & DB to share their experience at the convocation

       NA said it was a great setting, you could text, or hand in questions. Speakers were very informative, made you listen, left politics at the door, not preaching at all, taught how to intertwine spiritual life into everyday life (work, school, family, etc) and how to welcome people into the church.

       JW- what are you called to teach, are you sharing that with people that are challenging. DB- format was good. He's concerned that we aim resources at people that are farther along with their faith formation, and we overlook the people that aren't. A lot of people that have fallen away aren't the most spiritual folks.-just his observation.

       FG agrees, it was meant to mimic the national convocation. We don't have to deal with a lot of race discrimination, etc.

       Church's goal is to bring both “Marthas and Marys” in- everyone needs a little bit of Mary in them.

       We'll send a leadership team to the next convocation in April 2019


New Business

1.  Providing Childcare at Masses &Special Events (Pam Stainbrook)

Pam gave everyone a handout on items to consider.

Will it be limited to the 11:00 Mass only?

Will parents have to commit, or drop in?

Will there be programming, or organized chaos or free time?

Will Angel House share materials?

Sign in/out for security purposes?

People working in the nursery must be Virtus trained?

What ages?

Is it in the budget to have a paid staff member or volunteers only?

Will middle school/high school kids be allowed to help out?

Father Gary suggested we start small and do it well

BC said she read a book, Rebuild, about a parish in Baltimore rebuilding

Childcare was one thing they did

Says it's really hard to attend church with small children

Parish in the book did drop in, no signing up

Had a couple of age groups such as 1-3 and 4-6.

Tried to get young volunteers, or empty nesters to assist

Had some programming

LV- Nativity has a children's church for preschool thru 2nd grade

Just go to a Classroom

FG asked where we go next

Consensus is we should go forward with it.

Find volunteers, set a Mass that we will start it

Find some way to pay for someone to oversee it and/or use free will donations to pay for that person

2.  Security at Masses was addressed by Father Gary.

What to do at Masses?

Start working on a plan for school Masses, will apply same plan to regular Masses as well

Get training done

Suggests locking 2 of the 3 doors during Masses

More information to come; FG suggests committee thinks about it

Letter sent to Miami County Sheriff about possible training


Father Gary closed the meeting with a prayer.


Next Meeting is Dec. 11th


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