PC Minutes 10-9-2017

Queen of the Holy Rosary Church - Wea
Parish Council Meeting
Monday, October 9, 2017

Parish Council Minutes from meeting held on October 9, 2017


Father Gary, Bill Gaughan, Doris Kerr, Gina Hillman, Pam Stainbrook, Katrina DeGraeve, Wayne Roy, Becky Cullinan, Carol Quackenbush, Leigh Vosseler, Stephanie Sutherland, John Williams, Randy Newcomer, Dennis Reilly.


Father Gary opened the meeting with a prayer.

Randy Newcomer chaired the meeting for Dave Borgerding who could not be present.

Adult Education: Bill Gaughan

         Praise and Graze started last week, over 100 people attended. Looking at doing different classes, cooking, sewing, religious education, hunter safety, etc.

         Packet given to all members about Fomred.org content. Asked council members to review list and see if anything peeks their interest.  Courses could be used at Adult Ed on Sunday mornings. Stephanie said Formed.org really helped everyone in the RCIA program. FG said Deacon Tom used a program called Busted Halo, on YouTube for RCIA as well.

         RN asked if BG had a sense of the crowd at Praise and Graze, were the people attending the same that attend all events, or was it a different group.  BG said it was a younger group attending. JW said Middle School Youth Group is that night as well, and he had a couple of kids that attended that haven't normally attended. FG is curious to see how many attend second week, if it'll be just as big. Simple meal provided.

Altar Society:  Gina Hillman/Doris Kerr

         Getting ready for the Bazaar, all the letters/raffle tickets mailed out on Oct. 2nd.

         Carmen DeGraeve will set up on Friday, Altar Society will decorate tables

         Need a credit card machine for Sunday, money boxes. Use money bags to seal cash up on Sunday, 2 people bag it, sign it, seal it, and drop in the Church Safe.

         FG told Doris and Gina to contact Nancy about cash procedures for Sunday.

         RN asked if the counters would count the money on Monday, KD/CQ suggested counters go to the bank to count Bazaar money.

         Planning a Strawberry Hill Trip in November 10th, for 25 people.  The cost is $44.

Buildings and Grounds: Wayne Roy

         Kansas asphalt will be repairing/replacing all blacktop on the Church grounds. All work will hopefully be done by the 3rd week of November, the plants shut down

         Trees on North school driveway were looked at, parishioner concerned they weren't doing well.  They will be wrapped, and treated.

         The bell tower is working, 4 new speakers thanks to Deacon Tom.

         Steeple lighting project, about 2/3 complete. Working on contractor to complete, no final date for completion. They haven't had time to come out

         Most of summer projects are completed. Painting, waxing, etc.

         Daycare buildings, projects are pretty much complete.  Basement in Angel House has been painted, sealed, and bathroom installed.

         Installing new electrical boxes at both daycares.

         2 bathrooms being put into the 2 classrooms in the pod. Moving very slowly. Relocating the science lab, and adding a learning lab as well once bathroom project is complete.

Deacon Tom Rothermich

         Not present at meeting

Finance Council:   Dennis Reilly

         Met on August 26th to go over financials.

         Successful auction will pay for new paving project.

         Parish paid off $63k principal from weekly debt collection envelopes from Parishioners.

         St. James loan still to pay off. Waiting to see how the fiscal year continues before deciding how to continue to pay down Parish’s Debt.

         BG asked how successful the auction was. DR said he doesn't have a final number. FG said it was estimated in the financial report given out. There were still some bills out.  As of then, the estimated net was $316k, fund a need $166k.

Knights of Columbus:  Randy Newcomer

·         The reshuffling of the upstairs meeting rooms in the Adoration Chapel has been mostly completed.  The Fr. McGivney Room is now much more open and set up with more tables and chairs to accommodate meetings for the Knights of Columbus, Altar Society and Men’s Club.  The old Altar Society meeting room is now set up to be used as storage space for all the groups.  Two new shelf units have been purchased and added to that room.  Bob and Vernette Lucas and Ed Kneaves led the reshuffle effort.

·         We are looking at safety concerns, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. KD told RN that insurance adjuster and Fire Marshall both inspect all buildings. He needs to contact CD about concerns.

·         The annual Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive to support the intellectually disabled will be conducted after all Masses on Oct 14th and Oct 15th.  Knights will be outside the church taking donations and offering Tootsie Rolls.  The Knights would like to include the Tootsie Roll Drive in the pulpit announcements at the end of all Masses this week if possible.

·         The council agreed to support Fr. Gary’s request for parish organizations to sponsor and provide meals at future Wea Wednesday Praise and Graze events.  The Knights will provide meals at two of the upcoming Wednesdays. 

·         The Knights would like to fund the purchase and distribution of a good Catholic-centered book at the Christmas Masses again this year.  We are currently previewing Mathew Kelly’s new book, “Perfectly Yourself”, to see if it is a candidate.  

Liturgy Committee:   Carol Quackenbush

         We have 2 special liturgy dates in the following month:

         Wed. November 1, All Saints’ Day – Masses at 8 a.m., noon, and 7 p.m.

         Thurs. November 2, All Souls Day – Mass at 8 a.m. and a candle prayer service at 6:30 p.m. with special recognition for those who have died – parishioners or family members of parishioners.

         No dates for training yet, but hope to get on the calendar soon.

         Going to commission people to serve on ministry schedule, readers, Eucharistic, etc. FG asked people to serve 3 years.

         The Liturgical Ministries hand out will be updated with current contact information.  I would like to place a few in the vestibule of the church. FG suggested stuffing it in the bulletin to draw more people’s attention at least once or twice a year.

Men’s Club:  Ken Berra

         Not present at meeting

Parish Council Secretary: Katrina DeGraeve

         Please lock building after use.

         Check with office for space availability for events.

Public Relations Committee/Technology:   Rob Hedrick

         Not present at meeting

Religious Education Director:  John Williams


         Had 7th Grade parent meeting, introduced Chosen program

         2nd Grade tour of the church coming up with FG

         Up to 91 kids enrolled

Youth Group

         Kicked off with October Baby for respect life month

         Numbers are increasing, up to 20 kids in high school youth

         Looking for members to lead core team

         We are making blankets this month, will have FG bless them and give them to a crisis center.

         Burk Schreiner and Aileen Benne have stepped up to help with Middle School kids.

         Middle School youth was excited to attend Praise and Graze, and enjoyed the meal provided by Opa, new school caterer

         Meets with 8 middle school boys during the school day every Wednesday.

         Middle school going through the Creed, line by line.

         Will continue to try and capture more parents for all 3 programs

School-Nick Antista

         Discovery Mondays are still attracting many people

         Preparing for conferences

         Preparing for KSDE Interim Testing

         Starting AdvanED accreditation year 2

         Attending Convocation

         Staff is currently attending international STEM conference

         Preparing programming for Praise and Graze

Stewardship Committee:  Greg Jecker

Stewardship Committee

         Last Stewardship Committee meeting held Thursday August 17th 6:30 School Conference Room.

         Outlined educational opportunities for adults, teens, and children in the parish.

         Planning stewardship formation for parish leader, including staff, ministry leaders, and parish group leaders.

         Enhance stewardship mission statement.

         Would like all parish committees to have mission statement supporting parish mission statement.

Welcoming Committee

         There have been twenty-four new families welcomed this year since 1/1/17. 

         Committee met with Fr. Gary 9/14/17.

         Fr. Gary preparing letter at time parish registration defining responsibilities of parish Catholic.

         Fr. Gary revising new parishioner Welcome Letter.

         Committee revising items that are part of the welcome packet.  Reconciled new parishioners count with Katrina using Power Church.

         Planning to provide a parish gift range of $5 to $12 dollar per family. Still in research phase.

         Planning New Parishioner Welcome Reception at Rectory – October 22 after 5:00pm Mass. 

         FG said they are looking at doing breakfasts once in a while so people can see what all the groups do since we didn't have a ministry fair.

Old Business

1.  Parish council election, any improvements?

·         FG was satisfied with how it went.  Just want people to have the opportunity to vote and know who is elected, and who is appointed like the charter states.

2.  Parish mission ideas for Advent or Lent:

·         BG said he has gotten some ideas from people. He will discuss with FG to see how to proceed forward.

3.  Communications committee update:

·         FG talked to Leigh Vosseler, one of his appointees. LV will lead the communications committee reporting to FG.   Diocese has tools we can use.

·         Committee should focus on branding, controlling who communicates and how.

·         RH sent invitations out to people to join communications committee. LV is looking for parishioners of all ages to join committee.

4.  Website updating.

·         FG talked to RH, he is fine giving it up. Need to sync email addresses in One Body with Power Church.  Want website to be more user friendly so staff can change info/update as needed.


5.  The Archbishop will be here in December and want to meet with the council.

·            FG handed out revised Archdiocese mutually shared vision.

            Conversion- Hearts changing, through sacraments, etc.

            Evangelization-Hospitality, sharing the truth of the gospel, formation, sacrament

            All forms of Catholic Education-SOR, Catholic School, homeschooling

            Out reaching to those in need-helping the poor. Ministry of care, food drives, etc.

            Stewardship-helping to create a spiritual culture in people’s lives, time, talent, treasure.


            Build a Culture -takes years

            Strengthen the vocation of marriage and family life

            Cultivate relationships by engaging in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

            Benchmarks given to new members of the council

            FG wants council to be focused more on strategy and planning and less on operations.

New Business

1.  FG-child care ministry particularly at the 11:00 AM Mass and available for Wea young family events.

·         Terry Jolin spent all summer in The Angel House basement, sealing all cracks, putting in an egress window, added a storage room, a bathroom, and added support beams.

·         Great place to have a Sunday Nursery, need to furnish it.

·         Need to find people to staff it; we can't have all teenagers. Haley Sieben said she could help. Need someone to help lead that ministry.  May need to form a task force to work on it.


Father Gary closed the meeting with a prayer.


Next Meeting is Nov. 13th.





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